Responsible for preparing, arranging, garnishing, andserving quality food in a timely manner to patients, staff, andvisitors. Delivers patient trays, nourishment feedings, andspecialty meals to patient rooms and delivers stock to units.Performs other sanitation functions including maintainingrefrigeration spaces and dish room duties as directed. Assemblespatient and mobile meal trays/meals in accordance with approveddiet guidelines and portions while adhering to productivitystandards. Loads and transports food carts. Delivers patient mealtrays to patient rooms in accordance with established procedures.May provide initial service to visitors in the cafeteria by servingfood and maintaining the cleanliness of the cafeteria. Responsiblefor operating cash register, handling cash and completing dailyreports and cash register balance sheets as needed. Performscleaning duties using established sanitation procedures in thekitchen and cafeteria. Washes pots, pans, and dishes according toestablished procedures. Assists with preparation, delivery, setup,cleanup and presentation of catered and specialized events. Assistswith "special days/promotions", including decorating. Displaysdaily specials for presentation to customers. Coordinates the foodpreparation and presentation of all major catering. Preparessnacks, beverages, sandwiches and other patient food items inaccordance with standardized recipes and approved diet guidelinesand portions while adhering to productivity standards. Prepares,arranges, serves and replenishes supplies of food, beverages andcondiments in retail areas and kitchen. Prepares entrees, grill anddeli sandwiches, and salads with an emphasis on food garnishing andpresentation. Replenishes food service areas to include supply ofdishes, utensils, glassware, napkins and trays. Delivers and stocksall nursing units, doctors' lounges, same day surgery and emergencyrooms, following established procedures while adhering toproductivity standards. Monitors food temperatures and utilizesestablished procedures to ensure safe food handling techniques andprevent foodborne illness. Scheduled Hours Part-Time position, 40hours per pay period. Every other weekend and every other holidayrotation. Licenses & Certifications None Required. Degrees NoFormal Education. Required Functional Experience No experiencerequired Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Basic knowledge in foodservice from within a hospital, hotel, restaurant or a relatedenvironment.Ability to read and understand written and oralcommunications.Good communication and customer service skills toeffectively interact with internal and externalcustomers.Intermediate computer skills in Microsoft Office orsimilar products. Ability to use e-mail and internet.

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