Captain Jays Cashiers manage all monetary exchanges in the restaurant by taking orders and ringing up transactions, serve as a liaison between the customer, the managerial staff and the kitchen staff, and keep the front area of the restaurant clean and well stocked.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Greets all customers politely when they enter the restaurant.
  • Monitors orders and ensures their prompt delivery.
  • Records customer orders, both at the counter and at the drive-through (if applicable).
  • Transfers orders to the kitchen to ensure their preparation.
  • Helps package food in boxes and bags.
  • Up-sells in-store promotions, when applicable.
  • Listens to and resolves customer complaints, suggestions, and inquiries.
  • Keeps the counter and dining area neat and clean.
  • Sweeps and mops the floor regularly.
  • Restocks napkins, straws, lids, and other supplies in the dining area.
  • Takes money from customers and provides correct change.
  • Processes credit card and debit card transactions.
  • Keeps track of a cash drawer and ensures it is balanced at the end of the shift.

  • Is solidly numerate.
  • Can follow directions and achieve goals.
  • Demonstrates strong customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • Is able to communicate effectively to a variety of clientele.
  • A high school diploma or equivalent degree
  • Sales experience is a plus.
  • Prior customer service experience.

About Captain Jay's Fish & Chicken:

Captain Jay’s was founded in 2003 by a man with a vision. Captain Jay’s is not a fast-food chain, it is a one stop shop where you can swing by and buy dinner for your family and pick up a gallon of milk or carton of eggs. It’s perfect and convenient for you! Captain Jay’s is based on the American concepts of the pursuit of happiness, hard work and integrity. Bringing together the delicious southern Cajun recipes, the crisp west coast’s freshness and quality, the swift east coast’s speed and efficiency, and the pure mid-west’s heart and amicability is what distinguishes Captain Jay’s from any other establishment. Captain Jay’s began in Detroit, Michigan and has quickly gained recognition and popularity for the its Cajun chicken recipe, zesty fries, fresh seafood and shrimp in addition to their home-styled sides like Mac & Cheese, and fried okra. Over the last decade, Captain Jay’s has expanded to include over twenty locations spread throughout Detroit, Grand Rapids and Indianapolis.

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