Travel the country and make an impact on communitiesin need! AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) is aresidential service program for young adults who want to lead atight-knit team while making a difference across the United States.AmeriCorps team leaders in the NCCC Traditional Corps programdeploy to one of our training locations, then travel with a team of8-12 young adults throughout their assigned region for 11 months offull-time, immersive service. Apply by February 28 to begin servicein June. Training Locations Denver, Colorado; Vicksburg,Mississippi; or Vinton, Iowa (Locations will be assigned uponacceptance into the program. Applicants cannot choose theirlocation.) Requirements to serve Must be 18 years or older Mustpossess a valid driver's license Must be a U.S. Citizen or a LawfulPermanent Resident of the U.S. Must pass an initial drug screeningtest upon arrival to the program Must be available to leave yourhometown and serve full-time for 11 months Must demonstrate anability to lead a team of 8-12 young adults Benefits Duringservice, you will receive: Basic expenses, including communalhousing, meals, and a limited health benefit. All program-relatedtravel, including to your training location, projects, and backhome after your service term. A modest living allowance for yourpersonal expenses. Valuable training in leadership, technicalskills, teamwork, and more. Forbearance for federally backedstudent loans. After service, you will receive: The SegalAmeriCorps Education Award of $6,345 to use on future tuition costsor existing student loans. A competitive edge in your job search.Position Description You will lead a team through a service term ofdirect, hands-on service in the areas of natural and otherdisasters, infrastructure improvement, environmental stewardshipand conservation, energy conservation, and urban and ruraldevelopment. Your team could be doing anything from building ahouse to running a youth summer program to repairing hiking trailsin a national forest, so openness to new experiences is key. As ateam leader, you will be crucial to your team's success. You'll beresponsible for directing, motivating, and mentoring, a diverseteam of young people. Partner organizations and AmeriCorps staffwill look to you for coordination of project logistics. Gaininvaluable supervisory experience, challenge yourself, and buildlasting connections.

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