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Legal Occupations

Published on 2022-05-02 17:26

Our Administrative Legal Assistant provides our clients and potential clients the ultimate customer service experience and handles very important attorney support tasks. Doing this job right requires the right combination of empathy, communication skills, attention to detail, and technical skills.

The Administrative Legal Assistant’s primary goal is to build relationships with our former, current, and potential new clients via email, telephone, and in-person, as well as to provide basic administrative and entry-level legal support. The primary duties of an Administrative Legal Assistant include organizing client and admin files (hard copies and digital), answering phones, scheduling appointments and deadlines on the Firm’s calendars, copying, scanning, and filing documents, ordering supplies, running errands, and, under the direction of an Attorney, drafting routine correspondence and legal documents.


$16 - $19 hourly


Legal Support:

  • Prepare new and existing client folders
  • Scan documents and organize client and admin files
  • Maintain client files in Case Management System (CMS)
  • Ensure compliance with our Policies and Procedure Manual
  • Draft legal documents and correspondence under the direction of an Attorney

Relationship-Focused Tasks:

  • Answer phones with a smile, triage calls, and take messages
  • Intake and screen potential new clients that call the firm requesting legal services
  • Provide a professional, warm welcome to everyone visiting our office
  • Make guests feel comfortable by seating them and offering beverages
  • Communicate with clients, potential new clients, former clients, and vendors in person or via email and phone

Administrative Tasks:

  • Manage incoming and outgoing mail, deliveries, and packages
  • Copy, scan, and file documents physically and electronically
  • Enter data into the Firm’s Contact Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Prepare correspondence

Maintain Calendars:

  • Schedules meetings and calendars deadlines
  • Docket deadlines associated with all documents

Clerical Office Duties:

  • Date-stamps and scans all incoming mail
  • Schedules couriers
  • Receives and logs mail, deliveries, and packages
  • Routes all mail and deliveries to the proper person


This can be a part-time job for the right person, but you MUST be able to work on-site in the office. Applicants who live more than 10 miles from Santa Monica will not be considered. This important position involves critical administrative duties related to customer service and direct attorney support. The firm is growing quickly, and the Owner/Managing Partner needs front-line support to “keep the trains running on time” and keep our clients happy.

Basic qualifications for this position include:

  • You must have customer service experience and experience working in a law office in a clerical/secretarial role
  • You will be working on many tasks and cases concurrently, over long periods of time. We must be able to keep track of key dates, keep the right people informed, and prioritize our time so that we never miss a deadline
  • You must be comfortable with a computer and common office applications (Word, Outlook, Clio Manage, Clio Grow, Adobe, Google, and so on)
  • You must have excellent spelling and grammar
  • You must have a penchant for accuracy and attention to detail so that you avoid mistakes that can cost our clients (and us) dearly
  • You MUST be a positive person. If your middle name is “Drama,” you will not be successful here
  • You should treat a client, case, or task at 4:30 p.m. on Friday with the same care and compassion as one on Monday morning at 9:00 a.m
  • You must possess typing proficiency of at least 50 wpm
  • You must provide three references

About Company

Our founding and managing attorney is passionate about saving children from pathogenic parents. We do this by representing the spouses of people suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in child custody proceedings. Our clients are typically high net worth (HNW) individuals for whom wealth preservation, business continuity, and reputation are central concerns.

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