Operations & Maintenance Technician

Beaver Falls, New York, us
Company: NAES Corporation
Category: Architecture and Engineering Occupations
Published on 2021-07-29 22:03:39

At NAES, you’ll find engaging and challenging career opportunities in the power generation, renewable energy and industrial construction industry. At every level of the company, we share a common goal: To instill confidence in our clients through our steadfast commitment to safety, integrity and quality of work.

We operate more than 190 power plants throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico that span all technologies and provide over 49 GW of capacity. With the strength of 4000 people, our growing family of companies now addresses the entire life cycle of power generation and other industrial plants.

As the largest independent operator of power facilities in the industry, we’ve come to be viewed as an employer of choice. We strive to attract and retain employees by offering competitive compensation, a comprehensive benefits package (including retirement) and promotional opportunities.


The O&M Technician is responsible for monitoring the status of all plant systems on a continuous basis. Responds to alarms by taking appropriate corrective actions and executes plant shut-down and start-up procedures as required. Ensures that the plant meets its generating requirements while operating in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Report upset conditions or other anomalies in plant status to the Plant Manager
  • Make entries in the Operating Log and approve and issue Tagouts as required
  • Receive and respond to electrical, steam and fuel dispatcher's orders and requests
  • Operate control panels to regulate the load on the HRSG and turbine and to maintain proper steam temperature and pressure, feedwater and fuel supply and efficient combustion conditions
  • Perform emergency operations to maintain electric service and safeguard station equipment
  • Perform preventive maintenance duties on all major equipment and systems as well as emergency backup systems
  • Complete plant administrative duties as required
  • Complete other tasks as requested by the Plant Manager
  • Must successfully complete the O&M Technician qualification process in order to assist with power plant operations


    Safety is a core value of NAES and as a condition of employment, all employees are expected to be mentally alert and work safely at all times. Additionally, employees are required to adhere to all safety warnings and posted safety signs whenever on company property. Furthermore, employees must follow all NAES safety rules and procedures. Effectiveness in carrying out this responsibility is part of the evaluation of each employee’s performance.


    The Power Plant Operator reports to the Plant Manager.


    Physical requirements include standing on feet for extended periods of time, stair and ladder climbing and routinely lifting up to 50 pounds. Protective equipment must be worn in the performance of some duties (e.g. hard hats, safety glasses, air masks, ear protection, chemical suits, hot gloves and high voltage protective equipment, etc.). Work with hazardous materials may be required.

    Position requires extended working hours and varied shifts with weekend and holiday work, as required by schedules, work load and plant conditions

    All employees will participate in the Fitness for Duty Program. This program includes a post-offer physical examination and drug screening and post-employment random drug screening. There are extensive smoking restrictions in and around the facility.

    Occasional travel to the Syracuse facility will be required (around 2 hours away from Beaver Falls).


  • Minimum two years’ experience as an Assistant O&M Technician, Power Plant Operator, or equivalent position in an operating or generating plant required
  • Ability to understand procedures and instructions specific to the area of assignment as would be acquired in four years of high school. Associate Degree in a technical field desirable.
  • Mechanical experience is preferred
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of combustion/steam turbine operations, closed system steam generation, industrial safety, hazardous waste management and inspection/recording of plant parameters is highly desirable
  • Experience with piping and instrument schematics and process controls desirable
  • Extensive working knowledge of power plant industry is desirable
  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work well with others and be self-directed, as well as apply creative solutions to unique problems is desirable
  • Valid driver's license required
  • It is the practice of NAES to seek employees of the highest quality and to select the individuals on the basis of merit and competence, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, military status or affiliation protected under USERRA, or any other basis of discrimination prohibited by applicable local, state and federal law.

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