Maintenance Person III - Irrigation

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Company: City of Boulder
Category: Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Published on 2021-07-30 22:04:05

The City of Boulder is a great place to live, work, grow and play.

With over 300 miles of dedicated bikeways and more than 150 miles of hiking trails, Boulder values active lifestyles and access to nature. Forty-five thousand acres of land provide open space for parks, a green belt around the city and a cap on urban growth. With world class restaurants and art and music venues, The City of Boulder values diverse culture. 

Respect is one of our five City Values (including Customer Service, Collaboration, Integrity and Innovation) and we are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. We celebrate and support our differences across all spectrums, including but not limited to ethnicity, gender, age, disability and sexuality. Through our focus on Racial Equity, our employee benefits, and the many programs resources we offer our staff, we continually strive to weave respect for one another into the fabric of our organization.

Add your voice and talents to the City of Boulder and help us grow in service excellence for an inspired future.


Under direct supervision is responsible for and performs semi-skilled equipment operation, maintenance, and related maintenance functions to City irrigation systems. Coordinates and performs a variety of semi-skilled irrigation system maintenance, repair and construction, as well as minor plumbing repairs throughout the urban parks system. Performs related duties as required.


  • Action Oriented: Is action oriented and full of energy to embrace challenges; has the ability to perform with a minimal supervision; seizes opportunities.

  • Customer Focus: Dedicated to meet internal and external expectations and requirements; gets information first hand and uses information to make improvements in services.

  • Listening: Practices attentive and active listening; has patience to hear people out and restate the opinions of others.

  • Time Management: Uses his/her time effectively and efficiently; values time; concentrates his/her efforts on the more important priorities; gets more done in less time than others; can attend to a broader range of activities.


    Performs repairs, construction, and modifications to City Parks irrigation systems and minor plumbing installation and repairs to Parks facilities as needed and under minimal supervision from the supervisor:

  • Trouble shoots, diagnoses, and repairs irrigation system problems including but not limited to main lines, point of connection assemblies, electric valves, backflow devices, manual valves, master valves, wiring and electrical connections, controllers, sprinkler heads, and improper hydraulic conditions. 

  • Works with the irrigation programmer to develop a water schedule per park site based on that site’s monthly water budget.

  • Installs commercial scale sprinkler systems including but not limited to point of connection, backflow prevention, pressure regulation, master valves, controllers, field wiring, various types of pipe and fittings, sprinkler heads, electric valves, etc.

  • Performs facility plumbing repairs, modifications, and installation (drinking fountains, water hydrants, hose bibs, etc.).

  • Uses electrical testing equipment such as volt-ohm meter, fault locator, line locator, and toning device for troubleshooting maintenance and repairs.

  • Reads and uses irrigation and landscape construction plans and as-built plans in order to perform construction and repairs. Provides materials take-off and estimates as needed.

  • Maintenance of City Parks Irrigation Systems:

  • Coordinates and schedules with site maintenance staff, Parks Managers, and other technicians on maintenance and preventative maintenance activities such as testing, adjusting, and winterization.

  • Conducts routine system inspections and tests for appropriate function and coverage.

  • Conducts routine tests on Central Control field units.

  • Coordinates vendor issues including repairs, deliveries, and warranty work.

  • Performs water meter readings.

  • Performs equipment repairs or may diagnose and arrange appropriate contracted service to handle repairs.

  • Assist with performing or supporting turf cultural practices such as aeration, seeding, and marks sprinkler heads and flags boxes.

    Performs snow removal duties utilizing a variety of equipment. May assist in other emergency operations.

    Performs park and structure maintenance duties including but not limited to trash/litter removal, graffiti/vandalism removal and repair, and other minor structure repairs. 

    Ensures all city and department safety procedures, regulations and policies are observed and followed in order to promote a safe work environment and prevent injuries and illnesses.? Success measures include:

  • Enforces to and adheres by organizational policies, rules and safety regulations related to persons using city vehicles, equipment, and park facilities.

  • Ensures safe public spaces while completing work tasks and raises safety concerns to appropriate supervisors or contacts.

  • Oversees seasonal staff in safe operation of all equipment and vehicles.

  • Identifies, addresses or elevates any health and safety risks within the park facilities.

  • Responsible for the safety of self, others, materials, and equipment and uses all required personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Takes proper safety precautions, anticipates unsafe circumstances, and acts accordingly to prevent accidents.

  • Does not operate a vehicle or equipment in an unsafe manner, including avoiding the use of a cell phone.

  • Reports all injuries, accidents and damage to City property on the same day that they occur.

  • Adheres to all Label and MSDS requirements when using chemicals and is fully aware of the product specifications and required PPE.

  • Ensures the appropriate records are being kept.

  • Assists with data management and makes recommendations for program and project improvements. Maintains records work performed, materials and supplies, orders, purchases, safety checklists, equipment use/maintenance, inspections, work orders, snow removal, and safety.

    Performs emergency response work for the city that may include; tree damage, flood response and recovery, and other emergencies.

    Ensures proper use of vehicles, equipment and tools to accomplish tasks. This includes:

  • Obtaining proper training before operation.

  • Performs routine maintenance and cleaning of machinery, equipment, and tools to ensure safe operation.

  • Performs basic safety checks and cleaning of all vehicles and equipment before use.

  • Report all damage and poorly functioning equipment and vehicles to the Parks Equipment and Fleet Technician.

  • Is alert to conditions and events indicating possible misuse of or damage to Parks vehicles and/or equipment, and reports any such information to the appropriate staff. Coordinates work with other Parks field staff to ensure timely response to ongoing maintenance needs, special projects, resolution of identified issues or emergencies. 

    Ensures that resource conservation techniques are implemented throughout work responsibilities (recycling, composting, air and water quality protection).

    Stays up to date on job related issues such as technical procedures, safety issues, product development and technology improvements.

    Generally, duties and responsibilities are listed from most to least critical or time consuming.

    The City of Boulder is committed to hiring employees who provide excellent customer service. Our employees act with a high level of integrity and take responsibility for their words and actions.

    City of Boulder employees strive to respect and appreciate each individual's differences, and to work effectively with all people and their diverse backgrounds. We support candid and honest interactions, which respect other points of view, and are sensitive to communication differences. We achieve organizational goals through inclusive problem solving, planning, and decision-making. Community partnerships are included in this effort.

    CITY VISION AND VALUES:The City of Boulder is committed to service excellence for an inspired future and the following values: • Customer service - We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our community and our co-workers by demonstrating consistent and professional service with a solution-oriented approach • Respect - We champion diversity and welcome individual perspectives, backgrounds and opinions. We are open-minded and treat all individuals with respect and dignity. • Integrity - We are stewards of the public's trust and are committed to service that is transparent and consistent with city regulations and policies. We are honorable, follow through on our commitments and accept responsibility. • Collaboration - We are committed to organizational success and celebrate our shared dedication to public service. We believe community collaboration and the sum of our individual contributions leads to great results. • Innovation - We promote a forward-thinking environment that supports creativity, calculated risks and continuous improvement. We embrace change and learn from others in order to deliver leading-edge service.

    The city of Boulder is committed to hiring employees who provide excellent customer service. Our employees communicate courteously and responsively with the public, volunteers, and co-workers, are sensitive to diversity issues, provide effective and efficient service to the public and co-workers and act with a high level of integrity, and take responsibility for their words and actions.


    (1) TITLE OF IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Parks Irrigation Supervisor

    (2) TITLE(S) OF POSITION(S) OVER WHICH THIS POSITION HAS A LEADERSHIP ROLE: Maintenance Person II, Maintenance Person I, or seasonal/temporary employees.


  • High school diploma or equivalent. 

  • A minimum of three years on the job experience working as an irrigation technician. 

  • Ability to obtain CIT certification within 1 year.

  • Ability to obtain CPR/AED within 1 year.

  • Ability to obtain backhoe/loader certification.

  • Experience with care and maintenance of turf, horticulture, and forestry.

  • Work experience with Central Control units.

  • Working experience with irrigation and landscape plans and designs.

  • Ability to utilize any required safety equipment including but not limited to normal personal protective equipment and specialized equipment such as harness and oxygen for confined space entries.

  • Demonstrated experience with related machines, equipment, and tools, including the ability to use a variety of long handle, manual and power tools and equipment.

  • Ability to perform a wide-range of physical and manual tasks outdoors and under all weather conditions, including the ability to stand, kneel and bend frequently and for extended periods of time. 

  • Willingness and ability to work irregular hours, weekends, evenings, holidays or emergencies as required to respond to Parks and Forestry maintenance needs, including on-call for snow removal or tree related emergencies.

  • Ability to plan work activities, to provide performance feedback, and to plan schedules to meet objectives and goals of mission statement, and to keep accurate and timely records of work performed.

  • Ability to communicate professionally and courteously with co-workers and the public. 

  • Demonstrated ability to act as a team member and collaborate with others.

  • Ability to perform record keeping functions, data entry, and data management. 

  • Effective organization skills.

  • Experience using personal computers and software such as word processing and email. Knowledge of Microsoft Office including Word and Excel.

  • Excellent customer service and communication skills with the ability to deal tactfully and effectively with the public and co-workers in stressful situations.

  • Valid driver’s license.

  • Have and maintain acceptable background information, including criminal conviction history and motor vehicle record.

  • Ability to pass pre-employment physical.

  • DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS – In addition to the required minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelors Degree in Turf grass Management, Horticulture, or other agriculture related field.

  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class B.

  • Certified backflow inspector

  • Confined space entry certification.

  • Working knowledge of irrigation system and pump system design, hydraulics and maintenance practices.

  • Ability and experience acting as a lead worker coordinating the work of a small crew planning schedules to meet objectives.

  • WORKING CONDITIONS - Required Physical and Mental Effort, and Environmental Conditions:

    Physical and Mental Effort: (Also see the Required Minimum Qualifications section.) 

  • Primarily strenuous physical work in an outdoor environment requiring the ability to frequently stand, walk and kneel for extended periods of time while using manual, power and long handled tools under a variety of weather conditions.

  • Ability to lift 50 pounds and at times up to 75 pounds.

  • Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time while operating equipment. 

  • Ability to squat for extended periods of time and walk on uneven, or slippery surfaces.

  • Frequent hand/eye coordination to operate equipment.

  • Sufficient clarity of speech and hearing or other communication capabilities that permits the employee to communicate effectively on the telephone and in person.

  • Sufficient vision or other powers of observation that permits the employee to review, evaluate and prepare a variety of written documents and materials.

  • Ability to work under stress from demanding deadlines, public contact, and changing priorities and conditions.

  • Work Environment: 

  • Work takes place year-round in an outdoor environment, including extreme heat and sun, wind, rain, cold and snow. Works in icy conditions in winter. 

  • Works in a setting subject to continuous interruptions and background noises.

  • May work irregular hours, weekends, evenings, holidays, and or emergencies as required to respond to Parks system problems including, irrigation system problems, site safety issues, snow removal etc.

  • Machines and equipment used include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Transponder, volt-ohm meter, line locator, fault finder, Central Control computer, remote controller for field units, loader/backhoe, trenchers and boring equipment, skid steers, long handled tools, power tools, hand tools, dump truck, pickup truck, snow plow, snow blower, compressor, measuring scales, measuring tapes.

  • Office equipment and electronic equipment such as; computers, related software, telephones, and copy/fax machines. 

  • NOTE: The above description is illustrative only. It is not meant to be all-inclusive.

    ACCOMODATIONS: Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.

    The City of Boulder provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, genetic information, age, or any other status protected under federal, state, and/or local law.

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