Family Based Therapist/Mental Health Professional

Washington, Pennsylvania, us
Company: Pressley Ridge
Category: Community and Social Service Occupations
Published on 2021-07-30 10:04:08

Since 1832, Pressley Ridge has done whatever it takes to create success for children, adults and families. Pressley Ridge’s innovative programming helps to rebuild communities and families who are facing difficult challenges and complex situations. From behavioral health and foster care services to residential treatment facilities and education for children with special needs, including autism and deafness, Pressley Ridge empowers nearly 8,000 kids and families each year with the ability and confidence to succeed.

As one of the 2019 Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s Top Work Places, we invite you to join our Family Based Program. Our family therapists receive high quality supervision, training, and professional development. Pressley Ridge offers assistance with licensure supervision and other individual career goals.

Our family therapists work with a teammate to provide services to a youth and his or her family, including family and individual therapy, case management, crisis intervention, and advocacy and support. Additional components of this position are: conducting assessments, developing and the implementation of Treatment plans, fostering and maintaining good working relationships, adherence to quality standards and compliance with external licensing and regulatory agencies, professional growth and development, through supervision and training for licensure as needed, and participation in the statewide family based mental health training program.

Detailed Description


To assure proper assessment the Family Based Therapist will gather and understand current and past psychosocial histories. Use diagnostic tools to provide comprehensive information for a treatment plan; while assessing risk factors related to safety and wellbeing of all family members.

Develop Treatment Plan/ISP

To assure the development of effective treatment plan/services, the FBT will be responsible for leading the treatment team meetings for the purpose of creating treatment plans/ISP; working with team members to develop specific measurable goals, objectives, and time frames for each child and family.

Implementation of Treatment Plan/ISP implementation

To assure the implementation and evaluation of effective treatment plans that fosters goal attainment, the FBT will deliver services outlined in treatment plan/ISP; along with monitoring and documenting family progress.

Professional Relationships and Therapeutic Alliance

To assure the development and maintenance of good working relationships, the FBT will collaborate with: children, families and their natural support system, internal and external stakeholders, program team members and supervisor and organizational support staff.

Quality Assurance & Compliance

Assurance and adherence to quality standards and compliance with external licensing and regulatory agencies are a part of the duties of the Family Based Mental Health Therapist; through the completion of all paper work in a timely and professional manner.

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