Some important tips to overcome your public speaking fear at the workplace

Many people over the world have the Glossophobia, means the fear of speaking in public. It is the reason of serious trouble to your professional life as well as in the personal. It is one kind of disruptive anxiety or disorder. One of the most common phobias, far more common than the fear of death. It influences about 73% of the population. To grab the highest positions in an organization, you have to face a lot of people. It may from your organization or outside of it. So, that time you have to avoid this fear of speaking in public. Otherwise, you will be going to lose the higher position.

There are ways such as seminars, courses, books, and a mountain of services for all. The people who want to resolve their fear of speaking in public, they can easily follow them. Here are some of the most helpful tips we have listed in the below. These are the things you can execute or keep practising right now to get the immediate results. These 10 “tactics” or public-speaking “techniques” will be going to extremely useful. If you are planning for a last-minute speech performance and striving to relax your nerves. So, take a quick look at the entire article.

Prepare yourself before the speech.

While you prepare yourself before your speech, you would be more comfortable with your content. Clear your mind and a better focus on the major points that you want to deliver. It will help you to feel less anxious and confident. You can do some practices to get organized by

  • Deeply research your topic and note down the main points.
  • Prepare a little note or outlines for the entire presentation.
  • Analyze your target audience

Do some practice to overcome the ‘brain freeze’ issue

When you prepare and practise regularly, the nervousness and discomfort regarding the speaking in public will disperse. Before you write sticky notes, it might be useful to write a script. You can repeat the script a few minutes ago to memorize that information. It reinforces your key points at the time of speaking. It’s impossible to know without practicing with your own that in which point you are not able to focus correctly. To get the right feedback, you might be practised by

  • Keep rehearsing next to the mirror.
  • Try to record yourself while practising.
  • When you are confident, place your speech in front of your family members or friends.

After accomplishing the above activities, you will be able to present yourself calmly and focused before the audience.

Visualize the worst and hope for the best

Always, try to figure out your worst-case situations. Such as forgetting the content before the people, saying something irrelevant, fear of judgement by people etc. Then prepare a hypothetical plan in your mind to overcome these situations.

Imagine the worst fear and consequences to make you comfortable. Be aware of the back-up plans if some worst happens. You will now understand that this situation is impossible to be an end of a career. It will not destroy your life too. You may feel uneasy for a couple of minutes. That’s it. Now think about the positive outcome and ensure yourself for the best.

Get some support and try to take participate with the audience while giving a speech.

It will be simpler to overcome fear when you have experienced people to inspire you. There are many ways to get support before speaking in front of the audience are

  • You can take participate in a group of public speaking.
  • Watch out videos based on delivering speeches.
  • Try to take training under a speech coach.

Also, communicate with the audience during the speech. It will help you to quench your nervousness in front of a crowd. So, back-and-forth dialogue can easily relax your mind and make you feel confident during conversation with the group.

Take the idea of some easy relaxation techniques.

There are several relaxation hacks that you may follow before a presentation. It will help you to manage your anxiety and fear of speaking in public.

  • Download relaxation app to practice the exercises before the event
  • Try to take a deep breathing and counting to 10 before the presentation.
  • Pause your breath around 5 seconds
  • Repeat these exercises until your heart rate becomes slow

I hope, the above points will help you to reduce your fear of speaking in public. And it will make you free from Glossophobia.