Smart ways to answer “what is your biggest weakness”?

During an interview, it is difficult to speak about what your greatest weakness or negativity is. Today, I would like to discuss one of the most popular and annoying interview questions: What is your biggest weakness? To answer this question, we are here going to provide some useful tips. Just read the entire article below.

Most of the candidates don’t like to answer this question and find it useless in the interview.  They mainly feel awkward and reflect peculiar expressions, asking this specific question. It is true that during a job interview, among all candidates, no one is not going to admit openly about their greatest shortcomings. Interviewers usually ask this question, but they also know the way candidates will answer, incorrect and not true. Instead of answering it wrong, let’s confront it. 90% of the candidates will indeed need help to answer this frustrating question.

Reason for asking this question

Interviewers can’t figure out the real character of an applicant from a CV confidently.  That’s why they normally ask this question to identify the true character more and want to match with their conclusion about the candidate.

Be real and confident about yourself.

Many of us try to hide their weaknesses behind the strength and convert the negative points into positive thoughts. But the interviewers knew that you are not going to tell your weaknesses surely. So, they suggest you answer the ideal one. Working hardly and addiction to getting challenges can’t be someone’s weakness.

Therefore, present yourself before the interviewers as what you are actual. Be brave, confident, and genuine if you want to be recognized during the interview.

Prepare yourself, then appear for an interview.

If the interviewer asks this particular question and will not be able to answer properly, there could be a chance of rejection before starting the interview. So, first, prepare yourself before answering it decently. Arrange your answer, but not lies. Speak the truth; hope interviewers would realize and appreciate them in their way.

Admit your weakness honestly and trying to improve it

Everyone should be aware of their weaknesses and work hard to improve them. While asking, don’t just repeat the same word. Instead, tell the accurate answer that will be appreciated and remembered by the employers. Mention a specific weakness and explain what you are doing to recover it positively. Most interviewers want to notice that you are self-aware and keep learning new skills to cover the weaknesses.

Answering it honestly, the organization will find its benefits with your improvements, and weakness will be turned into an advantage for that firm. If you find the weakness in your work area or time management, then acknowledge it before them. Also, ensuring your hard work to improve them could be a noticeable attitude towards you and the company’s well-being. Employers can take the decision quickly to select you for the position.

Don’t be too honest

It is a good thing that you are concerned about your strength and weaknesses. But keep in mind one thing that doesn’t display everything negative about you. Answer it cleverly and don’t mention any bad experience from the past work.