Do You Think Job Experience Is Mandatory To Get Hire?

Do you ever feel so?

Do you think experience is needed for a job?

The answer is yes. But not every time.

Everything you need is a skill, talent, dedication, and obviously practice. But you can’t practice until you have a job. This is what everyone thinks about. So, to overcome these kinds of issues, here are six ways to add value to your resume and get a job without experience.


  • The first one is an internship.
  • This is because you’ll get to know what you have to do in the job and how you can do it.
  • You’ll gain experience.
  • Everyone knows that internship add value to the resume. Apart from that, you’ll also get an opportunity to build your character, your skills.
  • Being an intern, you get to meet new people, helping you build a network.

1. Volunteer work

  • As a volunteer, you can do different tasks.
  • Volunteering gives you a chance to meet new people and work with everyone.
  • If you are good at your work, it will be easy to convince your company to hire you.
  • While volunteering, you can also search for a job on the other side.
  • Volunteering is for little time so that you can learn the work step by step.
  • Recruiters find it quite impressive when they see that you’ve volunteered for a program. Hence it’ll add some more value to your resume.

2. Life experience

  • Life experiences can help you to get a job.
  • Your school’s essay competition or a speech is also a life experience; it helps you build your confidence.
  • Including your life experiences will enrich your resume. This is because it’s a live example of your potential.

3. Education

  • If you are applying for a job, make sure you are qualified enough for it.
  • Keep learning new things. Explore new courses.
  • Education is one of the most important keys to success.
  • It’s not the marks that matter; it’s the amount of knowledge that you are gaining.

4. Projects

  • Your projects showcase your creative thinking.
  • Projects from your schooling, College everything brings you some experience and also brings weightage to your resume.

5. Setbacks

  • Write down every challenging situation you’ve faced and how you solved the situation.
  • Your setbacks help you in building your critical thinking.
  • In an interview, you are given a situation most of the time, and you need to solve it. Setbacks help you to solve your troubles.
  • Your setbacks represent your problem-solving skills.
  • Include your challenging situations in the resume so that the recruiters will understand your ability.

So, these are the things that you need to remember while you are writing a resume. So, you can get a job without experience.

The more skills you develop, the more you learn, the more you gain.

And yes, do not forget to write an impressive cover letter. Your cover letter and your resume are the first things that your recruiters are going to see. So, you have to create a good impression in the starting itself.

All the best, folks!!