Best ways to manage your employees older than you

It is an embarrassing moment when you have to manage your employees older than you. Older workers assume that they are in the same position and might feel insulted. In the other hand, others believe that young people are inexperienced or should not be disturbed. As a result, the experienced and older employees become uneasy for the new young boss. The scenario will be same for the freshly appointed young manager in an organization.

The managers or the leaders have the responsibility to lead the team members older than themselves. Sometimes, they face struggle with the direct report that shows doubt to their credibility and capacity to guide. However, they must achieve the faith and respect of their staff and manage the situation successfully.

We are going to talk about the best ways to manage your employees who are older than you. So, let’s check out the entire article in the below.

You should respect their professionalism over the years.

Every organization runs through well by years of experience. It is not very easy and also a time-taken process. There is a standard theory that the highest experience decides the most elevated position or leadership activity. But today’s focus is on the digital culture and creative structures. So, younger generations have started to occupy management posts with new insights and technically advanced credentials.

Although, you have achieved your title as a leader by the incredible dedication to your work and flexible skills. It is required to appreciate and exploit the expertise of older employees working with you. They might not be aware of the most advanced techniques or strategies. But they have significant wisdom that can bring up positive results of industry.

You should learn some techniques from them.

Always, it’s not about the age. Each person has a different working process to offer. Now its time to be upgraded with the advanced technological applications like Google Sheets, Slack, CRM programs. These things are now playing a big role in our daily work life. Old ideas or processes are not going to work. Some of the old workers may not be able to adjust to these new tools.

You should give some extra time for them to realize and learn about their style of working. Don’t change the goals or processes that you have in the workplace. Instead, you can make effective changes that allow ageing workers to succeed. You must talk with them individually and ask questions about the issues that they are facing. And also see, how successfully they are adapting the new working style. You should share and describe this success story to your staff.

Don’t behave like ‘I am your boss” to the older employees.

The old workers are one type of asset for any organization. They may not have an idea about the new digital technology. But they have precious experience over the years. Some of them could be your father’s age but don’t behave wrong with them. Because, you have a better position in the industry.

You must maintain a balance to be effective and positive towards them when communicating. Also, don’t revert to “I’m-your-boss” style comments while you have a harsh conversation. They can come across as deadly to the older employees you are leading. It is necessary to express legitimacy and authority, but be careful of how you convey it. Enhance your capability but don’t show bossy attitude to the older employees.

Show some empathy to them.

Like the life-style, working style is also different from someone in their 50’s and 20’s. It is not an issue; it is the reality. In your organization, it could have happened that you may manage the employees older than you. But always show some empathy to them that they deserve. They have so much experience. Not only about the work but also, they are more experienced in life than us.

Often, we cannot understand their struggles as we have yet not reached that position in life. So, start showing empathy by recognizing their situations and as a leader. Spend the time creating an atmosphere, to feel them comfortable, needy and motivated in the workplace. It will result in long term efficient working relationship and development in your organization.